Upcoming show/ event

The Future music scene and Live Art performances for your mid-week holiday!Tuesday Jun 5th
Live Art and DJ Performance
… Chicago Deep Housew/ Kiwon Choi and JY Cho

Bass Music Sessions

w/ DJs D.O.O.S. , Shins & ROU SET


Info and reservations:

010-4142-8553 (한글)
010-7677-7653 (ENGLISH)

Kiwon Choi creates live art experiences in various places and thinks a dance club is a very obvious performance set, without most of the attendants’ awareness. When people go clubbing they plan their night along considerations of time, space or setting and the DJ. They choose their outfit to express their character and move their body to the music. They try to find ways to express their interests other than verbal language in the set, like other art performances.


Having an exhibition and performance in the club, the artist challenges her role as an entertainer. The experience gives artist an opportunity not only to expose her works in a non-gallery space but also to break any prejudice to it and create new works from the infinite inspiration between music, art and audience. The guests will experience how art can elevate excitement and encourage an open mind to exchange their ideas. The biggest wish is that the guests enjoy the inspiration which evokes a change in the scene of their “art work” by being spontaneous and active.


Her action painting is about having fun for both an artist and viewers. She uses the mix of glazing liquid medium and acrylic, and spills, drops and plays with them. The difference of concentration creates the images of coincidence. It looks like a play and easy to do it. She keeps the happy accident part, then she controls it, paint on top, add details and watch and build up the composition in the whole picture very carefully. It represents how she wants to live her life as well. 



“digging deeper and wider to flow (A composition of coincidence and will)”

art in the dark @ RGB Lounge

• Les dames noire

Art in the Dark @ RGB Les Dames Noire

The Art in the Dark series continues at the RGB Lounge with a group show of superb female artist entitled Les Dames Noire.

(see more)


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